Thursday, 12 January 2012

Project 8- Android Controlled Car Activation System , Smartphone Controlled Car*Patent Protected*

Once I studied that i could control all the functions of a scooter, using a bit of android programming, I moved off to something bigger and useful. I first tried out my system on my friend's Honda City, as my father wan't ready to give me his car. After a bit of persuasion from his colleagues , he agreed to give it to me. In the case of my friend Sunil's Honda City, I had to figure out the wiring for the igniton and engine by just using an ordinary multimeter. I was so happy when those headers roared for the first time at the push of a button from my phone. After , working on the Honda City I moved on to my Santro Xing, now I didn't want to take any risk ,so I went directly to the Hyundai service centre and with the expertise of the technicians I was able to understand the wiring of my car, I was thrilled by the response of the people at Hyundai once I showed a demo to the entire staff there.

 I programmed my android phone to create a mainframe which is like a UI for my car, by pushing the respective buttons on my phone. I am able to access all the basic functions of my car, such as : engine start, ignition on/off, Air Conditioning, Parking lights, Central locking system.The newly fabricated system is as shown:

I have applied for a patent on this system via my advocate Tommy Mampilly, the application was sent to the Chennai patent office.

The application used for this system is called "My Ride" made by me, the system is initially password protected, so that unauthorised access is prevented. I was also featured on Asianet News for this project, the video showing my project and it's applications is:

The system canonly be used if the car is resting in the neutral position and if the hand brake is activated.
The video depicting all the functions of my system are:
The latest RideSmart blackberry application for Blackberry 10 on a Honda City:


Monday, 9 January 2012

Project 7- Android Controlled car with line follower mode , android controlled robot

As, I was introduced to the exciting new world of android, I became aware of it’s infinite possibilities. I found out different ways to manipulate the android O.S. , to create softwares that had functionalities extending from beyond the phone itself. In this project I have created an android software to control a small model of a car, which is also integrated with a line follower mode. Even though the motor speed’s not significant enough , I am able to completely control it using phone.

The different functions programmed into it are: front, back, left, right and stop. And, the most unique thing is that it is programmed with a line follower mode, i.e., if you press that particular button then the robot becomes completely autonomous and begins following a black line.All this can be done at a distance of 100m from the RC car.The type of connection used here is based on bluetooth working at about 2.5Ghz, preventing the distortions that may occur at lower frequencies.

In this project I am using an ATMega328 microcontroller along with a bluetooth module, also equipped with two continous rotation servo motors and it's corresponding wheels, it also comes with a QTR8A reflectance sensor array to enable it to work in autonomous line follower mode.The basic setup is as shown in the pic:

I started off by programming my phone with the basic UI to control my car, providing separate buttons for each type of movement of the car.I transmitted the corresponding commands via bluetooth to my RC car, the car then decodes these bluetooth signals via a bluetooth module, and the microcontroller identifies these signals and does the particular function corresponding to that button.My RC car uses a differential drive system, hence it requires only two servo motors in the front and an omni directional wheel at the back.And the best feature which is the line follower mode is enabled once that particular button is pressed.
And if you have already prepared a black line using an insulation tape, then you just have to navigate the car to the beginning of that circuit and press the line follower button, and then my device calibrates the position of the black line and begins to follow it through all sorts of curves.The pic below shows the reflectance sensor used:

The various applications of the system include:
1.Can be used as a remote spying device , controlled using any ordinary android phone.

2.Apart from the conventional RC cars, here you just have to buy the car no need for the transmitter, you just need an android phone.

3.Any user having an android phone can control the device using my software.

4.The device also works as an autonomous robot, in the line following mode.

5.Can be equipped with cameras and sensors for surveillance and monitoring.

6.It can be the best source of entertainment at your office desk.
The video showing the complete working of the system is:

Friday, 6 January 2012

Project 6 - Android Controlled Bike , Android Controlled Scooter or Two Wheeler "Patent Protected"

My android application - My Ride
Okay, this project is the one that has been "patent" protected it, showcases the world's first android phone controlled scooter (Honda Dio), this concept is purely unique, and has many applications.I have created an application for an android pone to control the basic functions of a scooter.
Even though i had to wait for a long time to get an android phone,thanks to my mom I got one of the best available sets, the Samsung Galaxy S, even though any android phone can work with my application.The idea came to me while i was in bed, cluelessly thinking about stuff when i was not able to sleep during my exam time.
After taking a crash course on eclipse and java programming using the internet, i was able to do the programming for my phone to send the necessary bluetooth commands.

In the case of the headlights , it remains ON until the user presses the OFF button via the android application.So by using my application (My Ride) , a person can turn the engine ON, or the headlights ON or the horn.All these functions can be accessed through the phone from a distance of about 100m, depending on the surroundings.
The video showing the entire working of the system along with a brief description of the hardware and also showing the basic mainframe of my "My Ride" application:

I have tested and used the system on my Honda Dio scooter, making it the world's first android phone controlled scooter.
The applications and uses of this system are countless, some of the basic applications are:

1.Provides keyless accessing , no need to carry those bulky key sets ,when u just need an android phone and   my application.
2.No other system, allows you to access the headlights , horn as well as the engine accessing capabilities.
3.Provides a total anti theft solution , as the vehicle can only be accessed and used through your phone.
4.Even when another person , having the same application and system installed in his vehicle, tries to access yours, it wont be possible as i have provided a 12 character identification id for each vehicle.
5.No need to worry about loosing your keys, if you would like another person to use your vehicle, you could just send the application to his phone.
6.The system has a range of about 100m unlike no other remote controlled system, increasing range of accessing.
7.Can be used for other purposes like cheap show offs or to play a prank on someone,etc LOL.

This is first and one of a kind system created by Arvind Sanjeev, patent protected <A.R.S.>.